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Goris sights

Goris (Armenian: Գորիս; also known as Kyores and Gorayk) is a town in the southern Syunik region of Armenia. Located in the valley of river Goris (or Vararak), it is 254 km away from the Armenia’s capital Yerevan and 67 km from the Syunik’s centre Kapan.

Goris town panorama

What you can see in Goris and nearby areas:

Old Khndzoresk Cave Village (Hin Khndzoresk). A couple villages east of Goris is the village of Khdzoresk, and under it, in a gorge pocked with caves is Old Khndoresk. Until a few decades ago, people lived in those caves still, and this was an active cave village – so be careful who you call a caveman around here!

Old Khndzoresk, Armenia, Syunik Region

Tatev Monastery & Tatev Ropeway, (30 km southwest of Goris). Not so far from Goris on the map, but a seeming eternity on the bad road is the stunning Monastery of Tatev, on an 850 meter high cliff.

Portakar and Ughtasar petroglyphs. Ughtasar is the site of an important archaeological find, a large petroglyph field on top of Mt. Ughtasar (“Camel Mountain”) about 17.5 km NW of Sissian.

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