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Vernisage: The Armenian Art Place

Vernisage: The Armenian Art Place
Vernisage: The Armenian Art Place

One of my favorite places in Yerevan is vernisage. Why? Because it’s one of the places where the Armenian artists present their exquisite works.

Especially on the weekends, vernisage is full of people, both local citizens and foreigners who come to get acquainted with the Armenian art.

Many of the artists come to vernisage only on the weekends to show their works, so if you ever come to Yerevan and decide going to vernisage, you better do it on Saturday or on Sunday.

I went to vernisage on Sunday to buy my favorite red ceramic teapot made by Tigran Danielyan. I came across his facebook page and looked through the works made by him at

Many of them impressed me much, so I looked up his contacts and went to see his works the other day.

Vernisage was very crowded so lucky me to have found him among the crowd. Tigran has presented a part of his works such as ceramic clocks, teapots, candlesticks and also grenades which symbolize Armenia.

Yet the red teapot I have liked on facebook, looked the best, and I have asked him for advice if it’s okay to give it as a present.

The artist said that for someone appreciating art, it would be a perfect present.

Then we talked a bit more and he said that ceramic art is not simply a hobby for him. Moreover, he mentioned that he’s happy to have found his calling in life and it’s about 15 years he’s making workpieces of ceramics.

I do admire such people, who are devoted to their work and are happy with it.

When wanting to leave, Tigran stopped me and gave me a small grenade as a gift. I felt a bit inconvenient and refused to take but he insisted, saying that he also respects people appreciating art.

I have thanked him a lot, wishing him the best.

Author: Diana Davoyan,