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Armenian Wines and The Indigenous Variety Areni

Exotic Wine Travel Episode 46: The Cradle of Wine, Armenian Wine, and The Ancient Grape Variety Areni***
Join us in this episode as we discuss Armenia’s indigenous red wine variety Areni and taste an Armenian red wine blend made of predominantly Areni.

Wine reviewed in this episode:
* Armenia Wine Company, Tariri, 2011 – blend of 50% Areni, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 25% Merlot – / Armenia Wine Company
Wines featured in this episode:
* Old Bridge, Reserve, 2012 – made of 100% Areni – / Old Bridge Winery, Bed & Breakfast
* Zorah, Karasi, 2013 – made of 100% Areni – / Zorah wines

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