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The Guardian included Karabakh in the list of best adventure holidays for 2015

The Nagorno Karabakh Republic (Natine name: Artsakh Republic) was included in The Guardian British daily’s list of best adventure holidays for 2015.

The Guardian writes the following:

The Guardian included Karabakh in the list of best adventure holidays for 2015

“In terms of destination one-upmanship, little can beat Nagorno Karabakh. Border skirmishes and ongoing wrangling for political control mean it is not for the faint-hearted, but the region has a lot to offer: mountain monasteries, archaeological sites, ancient cave settlements and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Regent Holidays travel agency has a new 11-day group tour that starts and finishes in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, and includes seven days in Nagorno Karabakh (departs 21 September and 1 October, from £1,590 including flights). You can fly to Yerevan, via Kiev or Vienna, from around £225, but the British embassy can’t provide assistance in Nagorno Karabakh, so think carefully about travelling independently,” the daily reports.

Among The Guardian list for the best adventure holiday destinations were: desert exploring and kayaking in Djibouti; cycling in Burma; 2CV rallying in Spain; mountain trekking in Iraqi Kurdistan; canyoning in the Azores; horse-riding in Pyrenees; Surfing in Mozambique; sea kayaking in Fiji.

Yahoo Travel also included Nagorno Karabakh in the list of best travel destinations for 2015.

Armenian “InTour” travel operator also offers European tourists to visit Nagorno Karabakh Republic with goups and individual terms.