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Pack your bags. It is time to travel

At last travel season starts and it is time to plan having unforgettable summer holidays in 2014.

In tourism world exotic, eco and agro, cultural travel destinations are nowadays trending and attract more and more tourists from all over the world. Such a destination is Armenia – land of mountains and sun. Armenia is a small country where diversity will not let any tourist spend a day without adventures and interesting events.

Pack your bags. It is time to travel to Armenia
Pack your bags. It is time to travel to Armenia!
From left to right: Yerevan city, Lake Sevan and Dilijan town.

Sunny and lively streets of summer Yerevan, rich and hospitable nature of Lake Sevan and Dilijan, Monastery of Tatev and the longest aerial tramway in the world will stay in your memory forever.

So pack your bags, book air tickets to Yerevan and go…

Welcome to Armenia!

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